Best Hair Transplant in Nepal

Hair Transplant At Arogin 

Established in 2016 AD Arogin Healthcare is the pioneer of hair transplant in Nepal. Over the years, it has served thousands and established itself as the most reputed provider of hair loss care services in Nepal. We provide all kinds of treatments for hair loss.

Here are the reasons you should choose Arogin:

Guaranteed Results

We guarantee your permanent hair restoration!

Our Reputation

At Arogin Healthcare, we are not just the pioneer of hair transplant in Nepal, we are committed to providing the highest quality hair care services. You choose us when you want the best!

Expert and Specialized Hair Transplant Doctor

With our expert dermatologist doctor specializing in hair transplant, Dr. Manish Bhakta Pradhan, we have over a decade of expertise in transplanting hair for Nepali people all around the globe. Expert hair transplant technicians and nurses support him.

Safe Hair Transplant

Our commitment to the highest standard of medical practices and safety protocol means that surgery is very safe. You don’t have to worry about Arogin by your side!

0% EMI Financing Option

Don’t want to pay at once? With our partner banks, Nabil Bank and Himalayan Bank, we provide a 0% EMI financing option on a year-old tenure.

Thousands of Successful Transplants

To date, we have successfully helped and satisfied thousands of Nepali people to regain their hair.

Natural Result

With around a decade of expertise in transplanting hair, we will ensure that your transplanted hair looks natural.

Latest Technology

We provide Bio-DHT, the most enhanced version of FUE. This technology offers many benefits over FUE and DHI/DHT including increased effectiveness and higher graft survival.

Comprehensive Aftercare and Support

Our commitment to you reclaiming your hair does not stop at the surgery. We’ll promise you will get the best result with our comprehensive aftercare support.

Get a Free Consultation

We invite you to visit us at Bishalnagar, Kathmandu (near the Finland Embassy), and get a free consultation with our expert hair doctor.

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Arogin provides comprehensive hair care services in Nepal, including hair transplants, treatments for hair loss, and medicines. Find why thousands of people chose us.